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The team was managed in a transparent way and we were able to follow the development both in terms of the code and in terms of the user load. As a startup, we couldn’t waste time looking to hire people in every part of our company. But by working with Unicsoft, we were able to rapidly grow our product line and engage with our core customers quicker.

build cryptocurrency exchange software

Thanks to the expertise that the Unicsoft team brought to the table, the company was able to complete the project faster and at a better cost. They did this by using advanced and transparent methodologies that were trustworthy, responsive, friendly, and professional. The place where the trader manages all their financial flows and carries out currency transactions. So, we tested both filtering and sorting logic, real-time mode, interface, cases of Internet connection and disconnection, and much more.


The admin panel is used by administrators or developers to manage users, assets, and trading data. An internal API can be used to integrate with your database or other systems in order to automate processes or allow users to access information directly from a third-party platform. This is concerned with the architecture of the product, which is all about the speed of work and its scalability capacity. If a user or application submits more than 10 requests per second, further requests from the IP address may be limited for a brief period. Once the rate of requests has dropped below the threshold for 10 minutes, the user may resume accessing content on

  • This works well with the event loop model, as only one thread is needed for all non-blocking operations across all market data feed handlers.
  • The place where the trader manages all their financial flows and carries out currency transactions.
  • Unicsoft successfully picked up on the nuances of the project and adapted to the working style of the client.
  • This is why it’s important to understand the tech stack needed in how to create a cryptocurrency exchange, even if you’re going for open-source development.
  • They are decentralized because they do not require any third party to hold the cryptocurrency, and no one can take control of your funds.

Integrating an API into a crypto exchange platform lets you connect it to other services on the web. The efficient operation of your cryptocurrency exchange business depends on the ability of different systems to communicate with one another and stay in sync without any interference. If you are investing in creating an exchange for cryptocurrency, you must have an online portal where your users would exchange cryptocurrencies just like they do with fiat money. Also, ensure that your exchange has a mobile application facility to enable the users to exchange cryptocurrencies on the go. For ensuring that your users have a smooth sailing on your exchange website, you must ensure that the following features are fulfilled. A ready-made solution for launching your own cryptocurrency exchange in one month.


These companies have required expertise that allows them to complete the work in minimal time. A few very common database solutions for web development are SQLite, MS SQL, and MongoDB. It can be connecting with certain crypto cryptocurrency exchange software development news platforms to increase your presence on the internet or having regular PR conferences to promote your site. Plan your marketing activities within the budget to make sure everything proceeds according to the plan.

build cryptocurrency exchange software

We chose Unicsoft for broad expertise and involvement in the project from the beginning. Unicsoft proved deep expertise, readiness to do the extra miles to build the solution within tight deadlines. The team was flexible and they were offering solutions based on their experience. The developer was going the extra-mile and based on the internal feedback from the in-house team, everyone was extremely satisfied to work with him from the technical perspective as well.

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The opinions expressed are the author’s alone and have not been provided, approved, or otherwise endorsed by ourpartners. And remember picking the best crypto exchange can be complicated, and the factors above are some of the key considerations. While exchanges often reimburse those whose coins are stolen through their insurance, you probably don’t want to be in that position to begin with. That’s why it’s important, to minimise your risk, you only invest your money on reputable exchanges.

Creating a visual prototype and wireframes for a cryptocurrency exchange platform is a worthwhile first step before diving into the design process. This shift will let you examine UX remedies and fix any problems you may find. The effectiveness of user-system interactions and the usefulness of integrated features may be ascertained by real-world testing of a prototype with real users. While operating a cryptocurrency exchange, one should invest more on keeping the platform secured and any hacking attempt should go fruitless. Many such digital currency exchanges have to go out of business as they were hacked. Also, one must ensure that the website should securely store transaction history, ICOs and history of withdrawals.

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